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Kara T.

WE LOVE Zych Construction! This review is long over due and the reason I am writing it now is that we are selling our home that Brian and his team built for us 2 1/2 years ago to move back to where we are from. We wish Zych could build us a home in the new town we live but not a possibility!

Build a new home is usually a tedious, stressful event from what I have heard. In our experience with Zych Construction, it was none of those things. It was an absolute joy dealing with Brian and his staff on every occasion. I actually was sad when it was complete as I loved the process so much. But good thing Brian is who he is and we did get a chance to deal with him after our house closing on several occasions. He went above and beyond to personally follow up on any issue we had, no matter how minor it was. This is certainly not something we would expect a builder to do. He truly cares about the satisfaction of his customers.

When we decided to build, we contacted at least 5 builders and met with them each several times. I was comparing everything from design to finishings which included, from energy efficiency ratings and of course cost. He was always patient and more than happy to talk about any detail I would like. When we made our decision we based it on his tremendous customer service, his unique design and how different it felt from other layouts and he was competitive and fair with his price. In the end, he won in every category.

Of course, during the process he was open to any ideas or changes we wanted to make and followed up on every detail. Every interaction we had with the designer, and his team of electricians, cabinet company, etc. was extremely positive and they all speak so highly of Brian.

But I think where Brian shines the most is his follow up AFTER the sale is complete. This is a testament to his character and genuineness because in most instances, customer service is lacking after the sale. He went above and beyond to follow up with ANY issue we had.

They continue to impress me when I have followed them on the web with their new homes being completed with their design and unique custom finishes. We were so satisfied with Zych Construction that we have said multiple times we would be more than happy to visit with anyone considering building a new home to HIGHLY recommend them!!!!

Johnathan G.

We’ve built two homes with Zych. Brian and Tracy are a great team. They’ve always gone above and beyond. We have been extremely happy with both homes we have built. They quality is top notch and both times we received a great value. There are a lot of builders that bite off more than they can chew. We did not have that experience with Zych. It is clear quality and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Dan K.

My wife and I have been in our Zych home now for 5+ years and like it more every day. Our building experience was very positive. This being our first time doing new construction, we were somewhat frightened from stories we had heard from friends doing new construction with other builders. Those fears never materialized – Brian and his team exceeded our expectations and our experience was very positive. We have recommended anyone looking to build to give Zych Construction serious consideration.

Nick M.

We were extremely please with the flexibility and responsiveness to changes during the construction of our home with Zych Construction. The quality and ingenuity of their designs are superb. We often tell friends and family in the market that they need to consider this great family company when building new. FURTHER, my wife and I were even more impressed when they needed to fix an issue with our water heater. They could have implemented a cheap fix, but they, once again, exceeded expectations by replacing our natural gas heater with a hybrid unit. They just took care of it, as we’ve come to expect from the good folks at Zych.

Lindsay P.

I have been in our Zych home for 4 1/2 years. I could not be more pleased with our home! One of the things I am still amazed with is the lower utility costs we experience on a monthly basis because the home is built so energy efficient. I recommend Zych Construction to my friends and family, they made it my dream home.

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